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P. Palmater, “The Lethal Impact of Racism on Indigenous Health” (Winnipeg: WIOT Magazine, 2017).

P. Palmater, “TPP dead in the water without First Nation consent” (Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, November 2016).

P. Palmater, “Corporate Conquistadors Rape Indigenous Lands and Bodies” (Venezuela: Telesur English, August 2016).–20160816-0011.html

P. Palmater, “Families, advocates left to fill gaping holes in MMIW inquiry” (Ottawa: Policy Options, August 2016).

P. Palmater, “Systemic Sexism in Canada Could Derail National Inquiry” (Venezuela: Telesur English, July 2016).

P. Palmater, “How Canada turned a blind eye to the suicide crises in First Nations” (Ottawa: Policy Options, 3 April 2016).

P. Palmater, “Trudeau’s empty budget promises on the nation-to-nation relationship” (Ottawa: Policy Options, 23 March 2016).

P. Palmater, “Blood fiction: belonging, services and status Indians” (Toronto: The Ethnic Aisle, 16 February 2016) The Blood Issue 2016.

P. Palmater, “The Ongoing Legacies of Genocide in Canada” (Winnipeg: Canadian Dimension Magazine, 2016) vol.50, Issue 1.

P. Palmater, “Ontario Policing: Gang Rapes, Murders and Child Porn” (Venezuela: Telesur English, February 2016).–20160201-0008.html

P. Palmater, “Canada: Human Rights Decision a Game Changer for First Nations” (Venezuela: Telesur English, January 2016).

P. Palmater, “Warriors Rising” (Winnipeg: Red Rising Magazine, February 2016) Issue 2.

P. Palmater, “Here’s how you can help new Canadians understand their role in reconciliation” (Toronto:, December 2015) reprinted in (Vancouver: Asian Pacific Post, 2016) [18 February 2016].

P. Palmater, “Will We See Real Nation-to-Nation Respect with Trudeau?” (Toronto: NOW Magazine, November 2015).

P. Palmater, “Canada is in a Crisis of Epic Proportions” (Venezuela: Telesur English, 2015).

P. Palmater, “Tories will leave lethal legacy for First Nations” (Toronto: The Toronto Star, 15 October, 2015).

P. Palmater, “Harper’s 10 Year War on First Nations” (Toronto: The Harper Decade, July 2015).

P. Palmater, “Stephen Harper Continues Canada’s Legacy of Genocide and Denial” (Venezuela: Telesur English, June 2015).

P. Palmater, “Canadian and Church Officials Must be Accountable for Genocide” (Venezuela: Telesur English, June 2015).

P. Palmater, “Canada was Killing Indians, Not Cultures” (Venezuela: Telesur English, June 2015).

P. Palmater, “Canada’s Disappeared Indigenous Women” (Venezuela: Telesur English, May 2015).

P. Palmater, “International Women’s Day: Indigenous Women still not equal in Canada” (Ottawa: CBC News, 7 March 2015).

P. Palmater, “Can a new national chief make the AFN relevant?” (Ottawa: CBC News, 9 December 2014).

P. Palmater, “Stephen Harper and the myth of the crooked Indian” (Toronto: Canadian Dimension Magazine, 7 December 2014) [also published in].

P. Palmater, “Indian status: Why Lynn Gehl’s court challenge matters” (Ottawa: CBC News Analysis, 20 October 2014).

P. Palmater, “Harper’s Assimilatory Agenda just had a head-on collision with Indigenous Resistance” (Ottawa: Hill Times, 12 May 2014).

P. Palmater, “Assembly of First Nations at Critical Crossroads” (Toronto: Toronto Star, 5 May 2014).

P. Palmater, A. Dumas, “Manitoba’s Epic Failure: Manitoba and Mining Companies Work Together to Deny First Nation Rights” (Winnipeg: Grassroots News, 10 September 2013). Can also be viewed on my blog at:

P. Palmater, “A Movement to Protect the Earth Rises in Canada” (Minnesota, USA: On The Commons: Commons Magazine, 4 February 2013).

P. Palmater, “Native Winter is Here: Harper Better Buy a Warm Coat” (Winnipeg: Weetamah Newspaper, February 2013).

P. Palmater, “Why Idle No More Matters to Us All” (Toronto: NOW Magazine, 10 January 2013) vol.32, no.19.

P. Palmater, “Why We Are Idle No More” (Ottawa: Ottawa Citizen, 29 December 2012).

P. Palmater, “Forcing our Hearts: Legislative Oppression of Indigenous Women in Canada” (Toronto: FUSE Magazine, May 2012).

P. Palmater, “Unbelievable but Undeniable: Genocide in Canada” (Vancouver: Synergy Magazine, March 2012).

P. Palmater, “First Nations Fiasco” (Toronto: Precedent Magazine, 14 March 2012).

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