This website is dedicated to information about Indigenous peoples, communities and Nations in Canada. This is a non-political website that is not sponsored by, or associated with any Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal government or organization. This site is meant to be a resource for everyone interested in the issues affecting Indigenous peoples in Canada – especially the grass roots citizens who want to know more issues impacting their communities and how to actively participate in their governments.

The specific aims, goals and objectives of this site are:

(1) To provide up-to-date information about Indigenous Peoples, communities and Nations;

(2) To highlight the current issues facing the grass roots Indigenous peoples whether they are status, non-status and whether live on or off-reserve, in urban or rural settings;

(3) To help rebuild the connections between Indigenous citizens and their home communities, local governments, and Indigenous Nations for the benefit of our future generations;

(4) To help build knowledge and capacity within the Indigenous population to support their self-advocacy efforts re status, membership, citizenship and other key identity and governance issues; and

(5) To forge relationships with universities, academics, students, lawyers, politicians, like-minded organizations, volunteers and others to undertake research, projects and other activities to support the efforts of Indigenous peoples at the grass roots level.

For too long, the struggles faced by individual citizens have been forgotten or subsumed under other issues faced by their home communities. Under the current Conservative government, urgent Indigenous issues have been sacrificed for political postering at the federal level. The right-wing “academics”, news media and others have dominated both news and print media in the last several years, which means that the information being absorbed by the public at large is skewed against Indigenous peoples.

We owe it to our ancestors to do better for our future generations. We have to educate the public about the facts and take individual responsibility to do what we can to advocate on behalf of our communities and ourselves. We need our warriors to stand up for our women and children as quickly as they do our land. We need our leaders to go back to the people and really hear them. We need everyone of us who has succeeded in education, business and other areas to give back. We all need to make time for our people and work together to make them a part of the solution to the very urgent issues we face.

It is time for us to get real and start talking about things the way they are in reality. We don’t need more politics – we need good old-fashioned leadership to work with us as the grass roots people to make the change we owe our children. Centuries old alliances between Nations need to be revisited to see where we can make the most impact.

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